For our company, Little Bear Produce, the goals of quality products and service are first and foremost. That’s why we take extra measures to ensure that you receive the freshest products. To accomplish this, each of our growers must conform to stringent quality standards. That’s why we employ seven field supervisors who make certain that all irrigation and fertilization measures are correct and that all safety requirements are upheld during chemical application. In addition, our supervisors also ensure that proper cultivation is performed at all times and that care is taken to ensure that our produce is handled carefully during each harvest.

Little Bear goes beyond merely transportation. We facilitate the entire process–from field to truck to warehouse- to reduce spoilage and inventory shrinkage. Our commitment to preserving the earth and the natural resources that sustain our food cycle by composting, recycling and managing our gardens according to sensible horticultural practices.

We owe our exceptional chain processes to the growers who bring their energy and knowledge into our fields each and every day. We consider them part of the Little Bear family and we always take care of family. That’s why we provide our employees with benefits such as health insurance and competitive pay and other benefits to provide the most stable working environment possible. Our commitment to both our clients and our employees is one of the main reasons why so many remain loyal to our brand and continue to enjoy working with us today.