The fruits and vegetables at Little Bear owe their excellence to the ideal growing conditions we help create in our fields, but that’s only half of the work. We understand that our freshly harvested produce must arrive at your stores in showcase condition.

Because of this, we know that our produce is only as good as its package. Here’s how our packaging ensures that it delivers the highest quality product available.


The first job of any good package is to protect its precious contents. Little Bear Produce uses boxes that not only protect its contents, but also provides respiration, so the produce can breathe, and cushioning to prevent bruising while in transport. Here are some other safety features of our packaging processes:

  • Little Bear fresh vegetables are packed into extra-heavy corrugated boxes with a full wax coating.
    Our greens package is completed with the application of special perforated paper, which is placed between the produce and ice layers inside the container, which safeguards your investment. By treating each item with tender loving care, our packaging extends and maximizes the shelf life and nutritional value of our produce.

Little Bear bunches are generous in size so retailers can offer more to consumers. Our heavy, premium packs, can include more produce without compromising quality.


Packaging is also a powerful marketing and communications tool. Little Bear packaging is instantly recognizable for its bold and graphic designs and features four-color printing that draws consumer attention and aesthetically conveys the superiority of the produce within.

In addition, Little Bear Produce was one of the first in the industry to apply flag tags to each bunch of greens. The flag tag is complete with PLU numbers, bar codes and recipes. These tags are not only useful, but they are 100 percent biodegradable as well.

Environmental Care

One of our philosophies is that we are stewards of the earth and our cartons reflect this attitude. Each of our cartons is earth friendly and can be completely recycled. As with everything we do, we take into account our environmental impact and are conscientious about the measures we take to protect the environment even more.